We have all been there - going back to secondary school or college and feeling overwhlemed, drained, and just wrecked from summer! Rest assured - we have gathered some of our professional's advice in the pharmacy for you.

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1. Stress Preventions - Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is known as the number 1 Emotional Wellbeing brand. They are an effective all-natural stress, anxiety reliever. They combine a unique blend 5 flower essences. They have been created to support those in times of emotional demand, which can be seen alot during exam seasons, back to college or school, lack of sleep, and stress-related causes. The company have come out with a dropper, a spray, and pastilles so you can choose which one you prefer.

We recommend this product because we often see customers come in looking for reassurance and support during stressful times and we often turn to our trusted Rescue Remedy. We often find it provides comfort to calm and support your emotional balance during uncertain times.

Rescue Remedy for anxiety and stress back to college

2. Energy Massages - Tisserand Oils

Massage and body oils are an essential part of massages and in turn massages are proven to help torwards detangling stress in our body. Our body shows physical signs when we are stressed and we tend to hold it in our neck, back, feet, and hands. That is why massaging our muscles is so important to release some physical signs of stress.

We recommend the Tisserand Energy Boost Body Oil, Tisserand Total De-Stress Body Oil, and the Tisserand Sleep Better Body Oil during these times.

The Energy Boost contains orange, lime and grapefruit - these key ingredients help revitalise, wake up, and revive your mindset with the 100% naturally supercharged blend of pure essential oils.

The Total De-Stress contains geranium, orange, and nutmeg - these key ingredients help to slow down, breathe, and reclaim your calm with the 100% naturally comforting blend of pure essential oils.

The Sleep Better contains jasmine, sandalwood, and lavender - these blends allows you to switch off , drift off, and recharge with the blissful blend of 100% natural pure essential oils.

Whichever stress you want to target, these are the massage oils to use and make sure you can bribe someone into giving you an epic back massage😆

Tisserand massage and body oils for stress

3. Relaxing Microwavable Wheat Heat Bags

Another essential we think young adults need are the Wheat Bags, they're like normal heat bags but are filled with lavender infued wheat or odorless wheat. They can be heated up in the microwave in less than 2 minutes and warm up your muscles, leaving you feeling comforted and relaxed instantly!

Especially coming into winter time, a wheat bag that is long enough to fit around your neck is the perfect combo for your de-stress mantra.

The Wheat bag company microwavable wheat bags

4. Easy to be Sustainable Tips

ECoffee Cups

Did you know that each year over 300 billion single-use cups are made.
Less than 2% will ever be recycled? Crazy!

We know its often said to be sustainable everywhere you go...blah, blah, blah. But in all seriousness, the reusable cups by ECoffee cups are super handy and come in two sizes for your preference. Keep an eye out at your favourite coffee shop or your local shops for a discount when you present your reusable cup instead of buying a disposable one. That might come in handy for saving a few cents....anything is better than nothing...especially for a student!

ECoffee cups reusable stylish funky cups

Roka Travel Bags

Another absolute find we caught onto are the Roka Bags! They are actually massively sustainable, with each bag made from 12-15 recycled plastic bottles from our oceans. Not only sustainable but they're water-resistent, highly durable, and super light-weight. With students carrying books, a laptop, chargers, and food, a heavy bag will end up straining your back.

Roka london bag travel college size water resistent bagroka london bags travel water resistent college bag

Get ready for college in September with our go-to tips and tricks to prepare and cope with the stress of study.

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July 01, 2021 — Miriam Meagher

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