24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor

24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor

Find out what happens to your blood pressure over 24 hours. The  24 hour blood pressure monitor is a simple non-invasive investigation. You wear a small device on your waist connected to a cuff on your arm for 24 hours. Measurements are taken every 30 minutes during the day and night. Normal daily activities are not affected.

What are the advantages of a 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor?

You can have this investigation  undertaken in our pharmacy here in Drogheda Town Centre at your convenience. Just talk to our pharmacy staff to book an appointment  to have the monitor fitted or phone us at (041)9835952. We will then remove the monitor the following day . You will be provided with a detailed report showing the changes in your blood pressure over the 24-hour period.

Your results from the 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor can then be forwarded to your GP or Consultant if you wish.

This monitor takes readings at set intervals during the 24 hours.  This service monitors changes to your blood pressure more accurately throughout the day and night. It also helps to eliminate the ‘white-coat phenomenon’.  This occurs when a person’s blood pressure is known to rise due to the stress of attending a Doctor.  Many Doctors use 24-hour monitoring before deciding whether you need to be started on medication to lower your blood pressure, or whether your medication needs to be changed.

The cost of the service is €50

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