Blood Pressure Check

Blood Pressure Check at Town Centre Pharmacy

Blood Pressure Check at Town Centre Pharmacy

You can drop in any time to Town Centre Pharmacy Drogheda to have your Blood Pressure checked.

BLOOD PRESSURE is the pressure of the blood in your arteries. Your heart pumps blood around your arteries by contracting and relaxing .When your heart contracts your blood pressure is at its highest point and this is called systolic pressure, when your heart relaxes between beats this is called diastolic pressure. The 2 pressures are written as 2 numbers eg.120 over 80mm hg.The target for the general population is to have a blood pressure below 140 over 85.For people who have had a stroke cardiac event or diabetes the target is to have a blood pressure below 130 over 80.

High blood pressure (also known as Hypertension) is when the blood pressure is constantly higher than the recommended level putting you at a higher risk of heart attack or a stroke. High blood pressure rarely makes a person unwell. The following contributes to high blood pressure, not enough exercise, overweight, too much salt in diet, smoking, not eating enough fruit and vegetables, genetic reasons, excess alcohol. If you do develop high blood pressure your doctor can prescribe medication to help reduce your blood pressure and protect your heart. We will measure your blood pressure using our Omron approved meter or we may recommend our Dabl Spacelab 24 hour monitor which is worn for 24 hours and gives an overview of your blood pressure over that period.

‘Manage your Blood Pressure’ leaflet