Support Stocking Measuring Service

Image showing support stockings - measuring service from Town Centre Pharmacy, Drogheda

Support Stocking Measuring Service from Town Centre Pharmacy, Drogheda

Improve your legs’ performance with correctly fitted compression stockings or socks.

Compression hosiery help alleviate discomfort and restore energy to sore, achy legs by promoting blood flow and controlling, and preventing swelling in your ankles, legs and feet.

By improving circulation and reducing swelling, discomfort and fatigue from your legs to your feet, compression hosiery reduce risks of blood clots and venous and lymphatic diseases, as well as improve your legs overall performance.

Support Stocking advisor Mary

Our fully trained Healthcare advisor Mary will ensure you are accurately measured and fitted with the correct product for you.

For more information contact (041) 9835952 or ask in store.