Beepot Mini Concrete Planter & Bee House

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Beepot Mini Concrete Planter & Bee House


  • Designed in the UK.
  • Cast concrete.
  • 75% of concrete materials are from waste products of the Cornish China clay industry.
  • Dimensions - 115mm x 115mm x 115mm.
  • Weight - 2.4kg.
  • The Beepot mini should be positioned in a warm sunny spot, south-facing, with no vegetation in front of the holes. Ideally placed at least 1 metre up from the ground.

The Beepot mini is a stunning concrete planter and bee house, all in one manufactured by Green and Blue, a B-certified company which is company that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

90% of our bee species in Ireland are solitary bees, bees who don't produce honey, don't have a queen and don't live in hives, but who are really important pollinators. By putting the Beepot mini in your garden you are helping the solitary bees by providing a bee house nesting place for them so they can continue with the vital pollination work they do.

The Beepot mini bee house makes a lovely gift for any nature lover. It looks great, whilst doing good for the bees too, win and win! Good for the planet and for future generations. Make your home a haven for wildlife.

About Green & Blue

We believe passionately that every new house built needs to provide a home for wildlife as well as for us. With so many species in decline, we have to rethink the way we plan, build and manage both housing and within our own gardens.