Blank Canvas The Big Luxury 20 piece Brush set

€125,00 €215,00

The Big Luxury 20 piece Brush set

PRO MUA - Professional 20 Piece Brush Set for the make-up artist

A must-have brush set for any make-up artist. This is the perfect gift for a professional or aspiring professional make-up artist.

The 20 Piece Total Pro contains a full range of Blank Canvas's bestselling brushes! What's more, it comes with the most beautiful black leatherette folio taking you that one step closer to your professional make-up artist dream.

Brushes included are:


•    F11 Large Flat Applicator Brush
•    F12 Angled Eye And Concealer Brush
•    F15 Small Tapered
(Red/black Bristles)
•    F17 Pointed Tip Concealer

•    F08 Base Brush
•    F19 Tapered Concealer Brush
•    F31 Targeted Contour Brush
•    F33 Extreme Contour Brush
•    F36 Round Cheek Brush
•    F88 Highlighter Brush

•    F41 Flat Tapered Face Brush


•    E01 Small Eye Blender
•    E03 Lip/Eye Brush
•    E82 Large Oval Blender Brush
•    E84 Slim Oval Blender
•    E85 Large Tapered Pencil
•    E45 Blender Brush
•    E88 Angled Brow Brush


  • E91 Angled Liner Brush

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