Fotini Liami Earrings - Gold Green Abstract Earrings


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Fotini Liami Earrings - Gold Green Abstract Earrings


Earrings are 9.5cm in length.

About Fotini Liami Earrings - Gold Green Abstract Earrings

These earrings are made of Patina paint on a bronze surface in a fantastic array of green and gold colours.

Each bronze earring is made up of an abstract circular and oval gold-painted bronze piece. Each earring is uniquely handmade by Foteini Liami and her team to allow every piece to be abstract and made differently from one earring to the next. The perfect gift for a loved one that loves fashion ad abstract, unique pieces.

About Fotini Liami Private Collection

When Fotini Liami began her search for artisan metalwork. She studied how Greece from ancient times was famous for its goldsmiths. She was lucky enough to come across one of the most talented ones. He taught her his art and he always made the prototype of the designs. All metals are cut by hand because they want them to have these little discrepancies that make them unique. They are hammered by hand polished and finally gold plated by hand. They use very light leaves of bronze so that the piece is light like a feather but without losing its gravity.

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