Gin Maker's Kit Hedgerow Blended Sloe Gin Kit


Gin Maker's Kit Hedgerow Blended Sloe Gin Kit

The perfect gin kit for all outdoor enthusiasts. Usually, a slow gin takes 6-9 months to mature, this kit is made to mature in just 2 weeks! Providing a gorgeous plummy sweetness. With simple and easy instructions, you can transform any gin bottle into your own craft sloe nectar. This gin kit has enough to make two bottles of gin. You can reuse the sloes after you drain them to pep up any red wine.

Tube contains:

  • Italian Glass bottle.
  • Label.
  • Sloes.
  • Pipettes.
  • Filter papers.
  • Funnel.
  • Four different botanicals.

How Do The Kits Work?

All gin and rum start life as a clear distilled spirit into which botanicals are infused with the dominant flavour being juniper. We suggest you use ordinary vodka which works really well and is readily available in all supermarkets.

The Gin Etc kits enable you to infuse the botanicals supplied into vodka to create a compound gin. Unlike most commercially available gin, a compound gin is not then distilled to refine its clarity. The method in these kits makes it possible to recreate and, more excitingly, manipulate the flavours of gin. You will understand more about the flavours different botanicals impart and create your own blend in under 24 hours.

Hint & Tips

  • You get out what you put in; if you start with a really intensely flavoured bottle of vodka, all the botanicals in the world will not help it.
  • Gin Etc. usually use a standard supermarket's own brand of vodka. It is relatively cheap and very neutral in flavour.
  • After a couple of weeks the gin tends to mellow, so don’t despair if it is a bit punchy at first.
  • A word of warning, please remove the botanicals after infusing to stop the process.
  • Rumour has it that refining the vodka through a water filter prior to the infusion refines the taste even further.

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