Holly Silver by Rebecca - Sanctuary Earrings

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Holly Silver by Rebecca - Sanctuary Earrings

Sanctuary Earrings - inspired by a canopy of leaves overhead - a place of peace amongst the trees.

This beautiful pendant symbolises the sanctuary you find amongst the canopy of a leafy tree. You feel peace, protection and safety when standing under the spanning leaves of a large strong tree rooted to the ground.


  • The leaf pendant hangs 6cm long and 2.5cm wide and is a hook-style earring.

  • Made from sterling silver this stunning pendant has a classic Holly Silver signature hammer effect for that light-reflecting finish.

  • There is a beautiful matching bracelet and necklace to complete the set.

About Holly Silver By Rebecca

Holly Silver by Rebecca revolves around creating bespoke personalised pieces of jewellery that convey more than just style, with unique and meaningful hand-stamped messages incorporated in each—founded by Rebecca Robertson back in 2014. She creates meaningful pieces of jewellery that are handmade with love and with the intention of helping others through life, experiences, and perspectives.

Now, she helps others with the healing and strengthening power of words through bespoke jewellery pieces which embody love, growth and connection. The jewellery is not only made with care and love but connects and conveys these sentiments to the wearer with personal inspiration hand-stamped into each piece.

Holly Silver by Rebecca is based in Rebecca’s home town of Kinross in Scotland but the jewellery has allowed it to grow from the kitchen table and garden shed studio to its own workshop, showroom and office. It currently employs a small local team to help keep everything running smoothly.
Rebecca’s ambition is to continue to expand both the range and reach of Holly Silver by Rebecca and bring the power of jewellery with meaning to more people.

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