Kinvara Eye Wow! Eye Serum


Kinvara Eye Wow! Eye Serum

Kinvara Eye Wow ! Eye Serum is a powerful blend of 12 plant extracts targeting dark circles, fine lines & puffiness while delivering hydration and comfort. This eye serum is designed for the area around your eyes which is thinner and more delicate than elsewhere on the face, Kinvara serums are made in a cold press process that allows them to put in a lot more plant extracts and active ingredients than they could contain in a cream.

Naturally plumping hyaluronic acid and lifting baobab are combined with revitalising fig, green coffee and horse chestnut, in a cooling cucumber gel that absorbs superfast to help brighten, firm and refresh tired eyes. These carefully selected ingredients mean that Eye Wow absorbs quickly and easily and produces noticeable results. We all need a little Wow factor!

Kinvara source the ingredients primarily from plant extracts in different forms as well as minerals, clays and seaweeds. Being on the west coast of Ireland with some of the most pristine waters in the world on their doorstep means Kinvara have access to the best seaweeds in the world which they are using more and more. 

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