Love Kiki Designs - Large Dangles Earrings

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Love Kiki Designs - Large Dangles Earrings

 Three different styles are available:

  1. L11CE - Navy tops with a white, sea blue, navy, pinks, and peach clay arch dangling down.
  2. L6CE - Navy tops with a lime green bowl attached to a dangling oval light blue, navy, and lime green clay piece.
  3. L14CE - Lime Green tops with lime green, white, peach and pink clay arch design dangling down.

About Love Kiki Designs & Founder Dominika

They specialise in handmade fashion jewellery and stock a wide range of vibrant, beautiful lines, from simple day-to-day studs to statement dangly earrings. They don't just design earrings, they also have a portfolio of handmade necklaces and hair clips in beautiful designs and various colours.

Dominika makes everything by hand in her UK studio in the West Midlands. Our product range is constantly changing to meet the latest trends and styles.