Three Hills Soap - Sensitive Skin Soap Gift Set


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Three Hills Soap - Sensitive Skin Soap Gift Set

If you’ve got sensitive skin, we think you will find this box a revelation!

Our selection is specifically designed for sensitive skin, which all smell pleasantly natural as they don’t contain any essential oils for scent.

Neatly packaged in a stylish kraft box, this set contains our unscented soap bars suitable for those with sensitive skin.

All our soaps are 100% vegetarian and 100% vegan and animal friendly.

Each soap comes in eco-friendly brown paper cigar wrap packaging and is fastened with a seal made from cellulose and fully biodegradable and compostable.

The soaps included with the set are:

  • Pure Calendula

Calendula itself is best known for its natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing benefits, so it’s great for rashes, scratches, eczema, psoriasis, chapped skin, insect bites and damaged skin.

  • Dead Sea Mud

Due to the high salts and mineral content of this mud, your skin will immediately feel pampered. The soap calms and soothes irritated, dry and itchy skin and is suitable for both the face and body as it moisturizes and helps with skin hydration.
It contains mud grains which help to cleanse the skin and remove toxins, dirt particles and impurities.

  • Carrot

Beta Carotene helps your skin to stay moisturised, especially when it comes to dry skin types, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles and protects your skin from UV rays.

  • Chamomile Calendula with Oats

Creamy homemade oat milk combines with soothing and calming calendula and chamomile oil infusions to create a soap for the face and body that really is a treat for the skin.

Chamomile and Calendula are widely known for their wonderful skin properties. They soothe irritated skin, calm down inflammation and sensitive areas, and help to speed up the healing of minor injuries. Their antibacterial properties help fight acne and breakouts. So, this lovely bar of soap is suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive and eczema skin.

About Three Hills Soaps

Being handmade and totally natural, our soaps vary a little in size and colour from bar to bar and batch to batch.