Toolally Statement Bags - Galaxy II


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Toolally Statement Bags - Galaxy II

Galaxy II is a limited edition, original work of art by Toolally.

The sister piece to Galaxy I, this version takes on the notion of a sunset in a galaxy far, far away. Delightfully lined with soft, fuchsia pink suede.

Your Toolally Bag comes complete with a luxury gold coloured chain. You will also find two reassuringly durable clasps for attaching them to your bag.

Should you wish to double up the chain, simply fold it over equally and join the two loose ends with one of the clasps. You can then attach the second clasp to the remaining loop on the opposite end.

The Toolally Bag is designed to be worn in three different ways. Long, short or carried as a clutch.


  • Each bag is handmade in the UK.
  • Pure 100% cotton velvet fabric, hand-printed from original artworks.
  • Exquisitely lined with natural suede.
  • Can be worn three ways: Long or short with a chain, or without as a clutch.
  • Dimensions: 235mm wide, 205mm high, 60mm deep.

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