Many people find their mood changes with the change in temperature and with the darkness setting in earlier in the evening.

We all can relate to that and we're here to help you! Whether you want to speak to one of our professional team privately or just need some general tips - we're here for YOU!

Below are some tips we think are the best for someone who suffers from seasonal sadness:

The right amount of sleep

You often hear of some people who can sleep for 10+ hours and wake up still tired and lacking in energy, feeling like they've only slept 2 hours. That is because your body needs just the right amount of sleep, not too much or not too little.

The key is to tailor your sleep schedule to your body’s needs. Don’t continuously deprive yourself of sleep but don’t regularly oversleep, either.

Experts say that sleep deprivation can in fact lower your mood but also a constant cycle of oversleeping can make depression worse.

To help you get a good quality sleeping pattern - make sure you wind down your mind 30 minutes to 1 hour before you intend on sleeping - this means:

  • Put down your phone and avoid, where possible, endlessly scrolling through apps.
  • Allow yourself to regather thoughts that have happened throughout the day and write them down - any achievements, worries, goals, and events - write them down so that everything has been emptied from your mind.
  • Do a relaxing activity - this could include reading your book, practising mindfulness or doing some relaxing yoga or stretches.
  • If you struggle with winding down before sleep and need something to watch - we understand temptations are there or that some people just enjoy watching things - therefore put on an easy-watch show - something that doesn't include horror or tense storylines!

Getting your 15 minutes of daylight

With the sky being dull and the weather changing, it's much harder for us to get out and get our Vitamin D from natural sunlight. A study has proven that Irish people actually lack Vitamin D. Therefore, try to spend 15 minutes of your day outside getting fresh air.

Even if it is a cloudy day, we can still absorb vitamin D from the sunlight coming through.

If you are worried you may be lacking in vitamin D - speak to your doctor or one of our trusted pharmacists and they can help you in the right direction!

Stay Connected

Look! It's hard in the winter when you come home from work, or school, or college, or in general and you look out and it's dark and gloomy outside. We get that! Many of us just want to hop into bed and cocoon all evening and night.

Apart from that, we recommend getting out or staying in contact with friends. Make plans to meet up with your friend, go for a coffee, or even go over to each other's houses for a catch-up! Chances are, they are feeling similar and would love a catch up with you too.


Whatever happens this winter - we are here to support you in your journey and our pharmacists are always here for advice and support too.


Urgent Help


Samaritans services are available 24 hours a day, for confidential, non-judgmental support.


Pieta provides a range of suicide and self-harm prevention services.

  • Freephone 1800 247 247 anytime day or night
  • Text HELP to 51444 (standard message rates apply)
  • Visit for more information

Text 50808

A free 24/7 text service, providing everything from a calming chat to immediate support for people going through a mental health or emotional crisis.

  • Text HELLO to 50808, anytime day or night
  • Visit for more information

Hospital and emergency services

If you or someone you know is at immediate risk of harm, go to or call the emergency department of your local general hospital. You can also contact emergency services on 112 or 999 anytime, day or night.

Visit HSE for more information.

Miriam Meagher