Since 1937, Ray-Ban lenses have boasted superior optics and UV protection while being featured in Ray-Ban’s most iconic sunglasses. With a rich history leading the way in innovative lens technology, Ray-Ban lenses were designed with performance in mind. While the G-15 is the Ray-Ban lens color that started it all, today Ray-Ban has expanded upon its collection to offer solids, gradients, mirrors, polarization, and their newest lens technology, Chromance. Explore our Ray-Ban Lens Guide to discover the unique qualities of each Ray-Ban lens color!


Ray-Ban Polarized lenses block the horizontal waves of light that bounce off shiny surfaces, otherwise known as glare. A special coating on the lens prevents these horizontal waves from reaching your eyes, allowing you to enjoy the view without the blinding light. Ray-Ban Polarized lenses are also treated with an anti-reflective treatment to enhance visual clarity and ensure comfort. All Ray-Ban Polarized lenses feature a distinctive “P” after the Ray-Ban logo on the right



Ray-Ban Solid lenses were developed to deliver a high level of clarity, comfort, and UV protection. Solid lenses absorb 85% of visible light and block the most harmful blue light.


With a heritage of serious research, the original solid lens is the G-15. Created for military use, the G-15 was first and foremost a performance lens to aid American pilots while flying at high altitudes. Absorbing 85% of visible light, blocking glare, and providing remarkable color contrast, G-15 lenses were an advanced achievement in the eyewear industry and continue to be a favorite lens color today.

To break down the name, “G” is for green in this iconic smokey-green/grey lens color. 15 stands for the percentage of VLT (Visible Light Transmission) making this an excellent choice for sunny days or those with sensitive eyes. Ray-Ban G-15 lenses have unparalleled clarity and their unique color has proven to withstand evolving trends. G-15 lenses are available in both crystal (glass) or polycarbonate.


As you may have guessed, the “B” in B-15 stands for brown. This brown lens boasts the same performance as the G-15 but is better suited for lower light conditions. B-15 lenses increase contrast making this the superior lens color for cloudy days. It is also available in both crystal and polycarbonate materials.


Although it may be the lesser known of the solid lenses, Ray-Ban Blue lenses are an equally impressive option. Appropriate in any conditions, blue lenses deliver a true-to-color environment and reduce eye strain.


Ray-Ban Gradient lenses are meant to showcase the latest style trends and express your unique personality. Characterized by a flawless transition from a solid color to a transparent shade of the same hue, Ray-Ban gradient lenses are as smooth as they come. Available in crystal and polycarbonate materials, gradient lenses are good for low to medium light conditions.


Ray-Ban Mirror lenses are highly reflective and completely shield your eyes. Acting like a one-way mirror, these lenses provide the most light protection and are ideal on the sunniest of days. Pops of color and neutral tones make mirror lenses some of the most expressive lenses on the market. Ray-Ban Mirror lenses are available in both crystal and polycarbonate.



Ray-Ban Chromance lenses are Ray-Ban’s most innovative lens technology yet. Boasting brighter colors, enhanced contrast, and better clarity, Chromance lenses have 4 key features to brightening your world:

  • High contrast pigments used to tint lenses and intensify colors.
  • Polarization to eliminate glare and deliver the highest protection for your eyes.
  • Antireflective treatment on back surface of lens resulting in crisper vision and no backside glare.
  • Hydrophobic treatment to repel water and fingerprints- making cleaning a breeze.

A few notes on all Ray-Ban Chromance lenses: They are all polarized, polycarbonate, and only available in Chromance frames.

Tracy Breen