Whether it's ourselves or someone we know, there is always someone who is garden mad! There is never a wrong time to gift someone the perfect gardener gift. In this blog, we have gathered a few gifts that a garden lover would most definitely need.

Gardening Hats

Where could you go wrong? These are some valid reasons why a gardening hat is an essential item in your garden.

  • Protection from harmful UV rays. Exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun can have devastating health effects.
  • Regulate temperature and prevent the incidence of sunstroke.
  • Eye protection from the sun.
  • Less damage to hair and scalp.
  • Washability.
  • Stylish patterns that blend into your surroundings.

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The Birds 🕊️

Most gardeners have their own personal friends that come to stay for the season, each year, while they nest and prepare for their eggs to hatch. We've got some amazing features that allow small birds that are local to Irish soil to nest over the season and also be protected from larger birds.

Wall-Mounted Birdhouse

Suspended Birdhouses

These are inspired by the natural form of bird nests. The Birdball provides a safe environment for nesting small birds, with an entrance hole large enough to allow easy access for Blue tits, Coal tits, March tits and long-tailed tits but small enough to keep out predators. Made from frost-resistant ceramic.

The Bees 🐝

The Small Bee Block provides a safe nesting site for solitary bees. It will look lovely in your garden, work perfectly built into a wall and, most importantly of all, will provide a safe nesting site for solitary bees for many years to come and is a great way to get kids excited about our bees because solitary bees don't produce honey or have a queen to protect they have no reason to be aggressive meaning they are safe to encourage around children and animals.

A great gift for the eco-conscious, a treat for your own garden and a simple and stylish way to do something to help our declining bee population. Simply place in the garden, build into a wall or retrofit in a few simple steps.

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Miriam Meagher