Where you shampoo matters

Dunking the shampoo on and just lathering it roughly all over is not the best approach. Get the shampoo in at the roots, and take the time to massage it into the scalp. This is where the oil buildup is and where the shampoo has the most effect.

Give a massage

Gentle, circular massage is a great way to increase blood flow to the scalp to encourage strong growth and detoxify the scalp. Combine the massage with your new shampoo routine described above to get the most bang for your buck!

Focus conditioner at the end

Despite what you might hear elsewhere, conditioner is good for the whole of the hair - but do focus on the ends, which is where most of the damage is. But then apply gently along the whole shaft of the hair to restore moisture and supply the strengthening and protecting power that conditioner gives.

Add a mask

Love your hair, and spoil with an indulgent, rich hair mask every couple of weeks. Hair masks can provide a boost to your regular shampoo and conditioner routine by deeply nourishing and strengthening your hair. There's a dizzying array of gorgeous, rich and fragrant hair masks for different hair types out there that make this easy chore a real pleasure.
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Skip a day

Are you in the habit of washing your hair every day? Washing takes out your hair's natural oils, and every day washing actually promotes and increases the oil production in your hair, as your body tries to compensate. If you have curly or dry hair, it might be better to skip a day, tying your hair up in the shower every couple of days instead of washing. Skipping a day has been shown to be beneficial to your hair, by bringing life and bounce back into limp, lacklustre hair. Your hair will still produce more oil for a couple of goes after you skip, but your body will quickly adjust and reduce oil production.

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Louisa Maher