Ah the sun holiday photo roll - shot after shot of sunburnt skin or sifting through hundreds of rejected shots of your dinner before you get to the really good stuff. Well here's a few Town Centre Pharmacy tips to enhance your holiday photo roll this year.
  • Get plenty of local flavour - take the time to look around the locality and see what the locals are up to - markets, back streets, small delis, and town squares are great places to catch the spirit of the place you are visiting and do some great people watching!
  • Zoom in - older buildings in many European towns have fascinating details above the eyeline, or that can be missed in passing. Keep your eyes open as you walk around, and these small details will reveal themselves
  • Reflections - you can capture some great and unusual shots in many reflective surfaces - the scene on the beach in a pair of very dark sunglasses, buzzing lit up nightlife in a puddle etc.
  • Golden hour - sometimes known as 'magic hour' by photographers, the hour just after sunrise or just before sunset when harnessed properly can produce amazing photos due to the warm, reddish glow and low angle of the sun. Using the low angle light ensures a golden forgiving glow on faces, and interesting backlit silhouettes on landscapes and buildings.
  • Get the light behind you for people shots - taking a shot into the sun, usually just obscures features and details. So unless you are going for a profile or silhouette, swop places so you can make out who everyone is.