It's coming to that time of year where you will be graudating from secondary school and can finally party the night away with no guilty studying tying you down. With over a month now until your graduation, it is time to start prepping. Look no further, as we have the Top 3 Graduation Makeup looks just for you!


1. Glamify Eyes

Model wearing Glam Graduation Makeup BPerfect Showstopper Palette

Starting off strong, we have the gorgeous bold browns with shimmer on the crease. This eye look is a go-to for all outfits. Keeping the face minimal, with a nude lip, and enhancing your eyes but light browns, dark browns,a gold of your choice, and minimal black eye liner. This look draws eyeones attention to your eyes and makes them stand out!

The perfect palette for this look is the Mrs Glam Magnificient Palette which has everything for this stunning, simple yet bold look for your eyes and face.


2. Minimal Eye, Strong Lips

LMD BPerfect Remastered Palette Eyeshadow Graduation Grad Makeup Looks

When you want to excentuate your lips, what better way to do it than with a strong red lippy? Stick with soft browns and shimmers on the eyes, with your favourite pair of lashes and some eyeliner to blend the lashes together. Then grab your favourite red lippy and apply. This look is perfect with a stronger and more defined contour and bronzer to warm up your cheeks and define your cheekbones.

Your go-to palette to achieve this stunning look is definetetly in our opinion the LMD Remastered Palette - simple but effective for sure!


3. All Out Cut Crease Central

Carnival Palette BPerfect Eyeshadow Makeup Looks Graduation Grad looksCarnival Palette Model BPerfect Graduation Gad Makeup Looks
These stunning girls are amazing representation for a dramatic cut-crease eyeshadow makeup look. The world is your oyster with cut creases and you would be surprised with the colour combos that go together. The makeup eyeshadow look is so dramatic that we recommend you sticking with your go-to nude lipstick OR if you have a matching lipstick that is identical to your eyeshadow colour of choice, then even better. We say THE BOLDER THE BETTER!
These makeup looks are 100% achievable from the Carnival Antidote Palette or the Mrs Glam Showstopper Palette.
Get your game on and get ready for the best night of the year at your Graduation.
Bring on Graduation 2022 🎉😍
*Images provided by BPerfect Cosmetics.
August 01, 2021 — Miriam Meagher

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