ECoffee Cups 8oz


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ECoffee Cups 8oz

240ml | 8oz cups | Small

ECoffee Cups are the perfect companion when starting off your day. They will keep your drink warm for hours. 

  • Can withstand +100 degrees and they are for daily usage.
  • Bright and beautiful designs.
  • Reusable.
  • All parts are dishwasher-safe.
  • Suitable for microwave usage.
  • Free from animal-derived products.
  • Over 40 per cent of plastic created annually is for single-use items, that choose to reuse.

How to look after my ECoffee Cup

Unlike many PP or PET-based products, our Cup should never emit odours or retain the taste. We suggest you wash the Cup thoroughly before use and avoid leaving the remains of drinks inside for prolonged periods.

Our lids are made from silicone which is a chemically inert substance which means that, unlike some petrochemical plastics, (PET, PP) it should never emit odour. However, it can absorb some odours. Therefore, we always recommend washing lids and sleeves in the dishwasher (top shelf, removed from Cup). Also, ensure that you avoid storing or cleaning with metal or conventional polypropylene plastic items such as storage containers or other plastic cups.

How long should my ECoffee cup stay hot?

Ecoffee Cup is not designed as a thermos, but more as a replacement for single-use to-go cups. With that in mind, with its lid closed, it will keep your drink warm for up to 40 minutes. More than enough time for your walk to work or the school run.

About ECoffee Cup

Back in 2012 we first heard that single-use cups weren’t recyclable. Despite what it said to them, it turned out to be a big, fat lie. That’s when we became determined to do something to help address this massive, unpublicised problem. And that exact problem? 300 billion single-use cups are made yearly, with less than 2% recycled.

The next few years are critical. No matter how small, every decision counts towards creating the tomorrow we all want. Together, we must translate words into actions and kick our single-use habits for good. Together we must #choosetoreuse

Each time you choose to reuse, even just once a week, you will be helping in the fight against single-use waste. Imagine if 2 million people chose to reuse just once a week, we would stop 104,000,000 single-use cups going to landfills each year.