Classic Canes - Orthopaedic Folding Fischer Canes


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Classic Canes - Orthopaedic Folding Canes

A handsome folding cane in an orthopaedic handle. The handle shape is often preferred by rheumatism and arthritis sufferers who experience difficulty in grasping a standard walking stick handle. The handle comfortably fits almost all shapes and sizes of hand.  

The shaft is height adjustable between 85-95cm (33.5"-37.5") and is fitted with a heavy-duty non-slip rubber ferrule. Ferrule diameter 19mm. Overall length when folded is 32cm approx (13").   

Styles are available to fit the left or right hand.   

Item weight is 435g.

The Fischer Handle

The Fischer handle was designed by the renowned Austrian arthritis specialist, Dr Fischer. Its contoured shape is of great benefit to many sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism and other hand problems because it is easily grasped and it spreads the user’s weight across the palm of the hand. It is very comfortable and fits hands of many sizes. Users who need to hold a walking stick in their hand for long periods often find this style less tiring to use. Available in left and right-hand models, the Fischer handle has to be held to appreciate its great value.

About Classic Canes

Classic Canes grows rustic walking sticks in its Somerset woodland using the centuries-old forestry technique of coppicing. 

Native British hardwoods such as ash, hazel and blackthorn are cut off to a height of approximately 120cm from the ground.  New shoots result and take three to four years to grow to the correct diameter for walking sticks such as hiking staffs, thumbsticks and knobsticks. 

The wood is harvested in the winter when the sap is down in the trees, before being dried for at least a year to remove the moisture from the wood. 

The sticks are then steamed and straightened before being hand sanded, varnished and fitted with ferrules to become finished walking sticks. Each one is unique.
Coppicing has many ecological benefits.  The wood constantly renews itself so there is no need for clear felling or replanting.  The system allows light to reach the forest floor, encouraging native wildflowers and the fauna that depend on them.