Roka Bags

This weather-resistant, durable, lightweight, ageless, fashionable, functional bag combines all the elements necessary for a proper backpack with a sleek, trendy, and bold design! Roka’s products are vegan, animal friendly, and produced in socially compliant factories. The outer fabric of each bag is triple coated, weather-resistant Sustainable Canvas or Sustainable Nylon. The base is a weather-resistant, triple-coated canvas.

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Why Are Roka Bags So Special

B Corporation Certified

A Certified B Corporation is a company that has voluntarily met the highest standards for social and environmental performance. These standards are intentionally set high and are meant to recognize leading companies, including ROKA.

Roka X The National History Museum: The Waterhouse Field Backpack

Amazing Styles & Colours For All

Not only are Roka B Certified and have sustainability in their core. They also have an amazing range of colours, designs & sizes. Therefore, there's a bag that will suit everyone! If there is a bag that you are interested in that we don't currently stock. We can do our best to order one for you specifically. Contact us here.

Bottle-To-Bag Campaign

Roka has transformed the world in which we bag at a time. Their bags are made of recycled plastic that is found in our oceans and on our beaches. They use up to 15 plastic bottles in some of their bags!!