Tisserand Happy Holidays Collection Trio Gift Set


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Tisserand Festive Spice Collection Trio Gift Set

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Tisserand Happy Holidays Trio Gift Set: This warming trio features 100% natural pure diffuser oil blends that bring the festive cheer into your home. Experience the cozy embrace of Christmas Ginger & Nutmeg, find bliss in Vetiver & Orange, and make a festive wish with Ginger & Orange. Unleash holiday magic with Tisserand.

Whether for yourself or a loved one, harness the power of aromatherapy with Tisserands 100% natural pure essential oils Gift Sets.

Christmas Holiday Spice Trio combines 3 of Tisserands Winter favourites.

Indulge in the holiday joy with the Tisserand Happy Holidays Trio Gift Set, a delightful collection of warming and aromatic 100% natural pure diffuser oil blends. Transform your home into a cozy haven with the enchanting scent of Christmas Ginger & Nutmeg, creating a welcoming ambiance that perfectly embodies the festive season. Experience Christmas Bliss with Vetiver & Orange, as its harmonious blend fills your space with a sense of calm and serenity amid the holiday hustle and bustle.

But that's not all—don't forget the Festive Wish of Ginger & Orange, a cheerful and uplifting aroma that adds a touch of magic to your holiday gatherings. Each diffuser oil blend is carefully crafted to encapsulate the spirit of the holidays, making your home feel warm, inviting, and filled with the essence of the season. Elevate your holiday celebrations with the Tisserand Happy Holidays Trio Gift Set, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

What's included:
Tisserand Cosy Christmas Diffuser Oil 9ml
Tisserand Christmas Bliss Diffuser Oil 9ml
Tisserand Festive Wish Diffuser Oil 9ml