As with most things as you age, lifestyle choices that didn't trouble you in your 20s can start to show on your body and your hair. Here's Town Centre Pharmacy's top tips for caring for ageing hair:

Eat well

Many problems start with our diet, and hair health is one of them. A healthy, varied eating routine can manifest itself in healthier, thicker and glossier hair.

Light touch

Stay away from heavy hold products such as gels or heavier hairsprays. Invest in light hold products which work surprisingly well for ageing and thinner hair.

Don't over brush

Overbrushing can cause friction, damage, and ultimately breakage. If your hair is showing signs of ageing - dry and brittle, try brushing gently using a soft, flexible hairbrush. Another option is to use a softer paddle brush, which can also help to stimulate and massage the scalp.

Skip a washing day

Washing takes out your hair's natural oils, and every day washing actually exacerbates this. As you age, over washing may damage this natural oil production, resulting in drier, more brittle hair. Skipping a day has been shown to be beneficial to your hair, by bringing life and bounce back into limp, lacklustre hair.

Moisturise moisturise moisturise!

Dry hair can have an ageing effect on your look. Treat your hair regularly to deep moisturising masks once a month, and, if you can stretch to it, a full on 'gloss' treatment in a salon 3 or 4 times a year to keep the frizz at bay.
Louisa Maher