As the New Year commences, many of us get into the mindset of creating new goals for the upcoming year! These resolutions are a great start to get into a motivation mindset, especially throughout Winter time. Remember though, these goals can begin at anytime of the year and don't need to be tied down to the beginning of the year - so get up, make a list, and tick off your goals.

Let's help you come up with tools to succeed in your resolutions!

Setting out SMART Objectives to help you achieve your goal.


Be specific on what needs to be achieved, who is involved in achieving this (could be a group goal or by yourself), and what tools and steps do you need to achieve this?


Measuring your goal makes it easier to track your progress and reach the finish line. If it is something that will be an ongoing basis, such as exercising for your mental health, these measurable goals can be daily or weekly goals that help you progress.


Give yourself a reality check! Is this seriously something you can achieve or are you setting your standards too high. Your goals should be realistic, not something set up to make you fail and feel bad. If you think you've set your goals too high, go back to the drawing board and rewrite what you need to achieve. It's okay to begin bit by bit and work up to your goal. Everything is at your pace only!


Look at the bigger picture. Why are you setting these goals? What is the ultimate outcome that you want to achieve? Is it necessary?


To properly measure success, you need to understand when a goal has been reached. What’s your time horizon? When will you start creating and implementing the tasks that you've identified? When will your goals finish?


Knowing how to set goals using the SMART framework can help you succeed in setting and attaining goals, no matter how large or small.

This framework can be used on an individual basis, or in teams.

Now get your pen and paper, and start your new goals in a SMART way this year!

December 27, 2023 — Miriam Meagher

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