So you're finally getting away on that sun holiday that got cancelled pre-pandemic? It's tempting to just throw everything into a case and run for the hills. But a little extra planning can make things more enjoyable and much less stressful! Here's Town Centre Pharmacy's ultimate sun holiday checklist:

The boring stuff:

  • Boarding pass
  • Clear plastic bags (remember the 100ml allowance for all liquids)
  • Passport
  • Insurance details and/or EH1 card. If travelling within the EU, the EH1 card entitles you to the same healthcare in your host country as you can access at home at the same cost.
  • Driving licence (if needed for car rentals)
  • Printouts or digital copies on your phone of all agreements (rental, car rental, etc)

Packing space savers

Everyone knows that rolling up each item of clothing saves a ton of space. But here's some tips you may not have thought of:

  • Carry on bag doubles as beach bag
  • Roll each item as small as it will go

Don't forget the essentials

We're all well acquainted with the 100ml limit on liquids on the plane. Here's all the essentials you absolutely need, before you start decanting your favourite perfume or throwing in that lipgloss:

  • Mosquito/bug spray - can be hard to track down specially if you don't have the local lingo
  • Sunscreen - this may be readily available, but best to go prepared for the first day before you track down your local shop
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo and body wash
  • Soap - a bar of soap gets around the 100ml limit for liquids

And some handy extras to make life better

  • Polarised sunglasses - fantastic for reducing glare from bright surfaces, such as water, sand, and roads, and also in snowy conditions. While polarised sunglasses are more expensive, they keep harmful UV light out of the eyes more effectively, and work well for all activities from sporting to driving
  • Keep your lunch cold - pack a flat Insulated bag to keep your food and drinks cool on the beach or by the pool
  • Plugboard with at least 4 points - this saves you having to bring too many plug converters and great when there's limited sockets. Simply plug your one converter to the socket, then plug in your plugboard and hey presto! 4 new sockets. Always be aware of overloading your sockets with too much erergy sapping appliances though. This solution is great for chargers and small appliances. Toasters and kettles need their own sockets!
  • Portable speaker with bluetooth - if you have one of these at home and it's small and neat with great sound, find space in your luggage for this. Even if you're just sitting out on the veranda or lazing by the pool, your favourite playlist on a good speaker can make any gathering or party
  • Laptop - if you're lucky enough to own a slim laptop, these can be lifesavers with kids in tow, if you've loaded up their favourite movies, they can be watched anywhere
  • Collapsible water bottles - water is a must on any sun holiday, and being able to refill as you need can save a fortune and lots of hassle

Don't forget!

  • Unplug all appliances at home (except the fridge!)
  • Lock all doors and windows - do a twice round the house check before you leave, so you don't overlook the small hidden windows at the back of the house
  • Timer for your lights - lamps and radios can be plugged into a timer with random times chosen to turn them on and off to give thhe appearance of a presence in the house
  • Make sure someone at home (a loved one or friend) knows your itinerary and where you are staying in case of emergency

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