Bare by Vogue - Body Glow Gift Set

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Bare by Vogue - Body Gift Set

Using the Bare by Vogue Body Illuminator, you can elongate and slim parts of the body by highlighting down the center while shading the edges. The hydrating Body Illuminator gives a sun-kissed shimmer while reflecting light for the ultimate glowy finish.

Experience the hydrating sun-kissed glow with Vogue William's Liquid Body Illuminator. This nourishing illuminator is enriched with amino acids that moisturize and improve the texture of the skin, alongside Vitamins A and C to add radiance to your glowing skin. Thes amino acids and vitamins are derived naturally from Gogi Berries, Pomegranate, and Grapefruit.

Benefits of Bare By Vogue Liquid Body Illuminator

  • This illuminator not only perfects the skin with a glow, but also minimizes blemishes, covers imperfections, and gives a smooth appearance to the skin.
  • To get the ultimate glowing skin, it achieves this through reflecting the light that hits off your body.
  • This is a water-based formula, instead of an oil-based one. The advantages to this are creating a quick-absorbing and quick-drying formula, while also creating a water- and transfer-resistant formula.
  • The Liquid Body Illuminator blends seamlessly into the skin.

How To Apply Bare By Vogue Liquid Body Illuminator

  • Dry and clean skin before application of liquid body illuminator.
  • Apply a small amount onto a tanning mitt and begin by blending up and down in the centre of your arms and legs. 
  • Concentrate on areas where you would like the light to glow up your skin, these could be touchpoints, for example, where the light hits first.
  • Now enjoy your glowing finish.