Bare By Vogue Liquid Body Illuminator Tan


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Bare By Vogue Liquid Body Illuminator Tan

Bottle Size: 100ml.

Suitable For: All skin types.

Consistency: Water-based product - fast-drying.

About Bare By Vogue Liquid Body Illuminator

Experience the hydrating sun-kissed glow with Vogue William's Liquid Body Illuminator. This nourishing illuminator is enriched with amino acids that moisturize and improve the texture of the skin, alongside Vitamins A and C to add radiance to your glowing skin. Thes amino acids and vitamins are derived naturally from Gogi Berries, Pomegranate, and Grapefruit.

Benefits of Bare By Vogue Liquid Body Illuminator

  • This illuminator not only perfects the skin with a glow, but also minimizes blemishes, covers imperfections, and gives a smooth appearance to the skin.
  • To get the ultimate glowing skin, it achieves this through reflecting the light that hits off your body.
  • This is a water-based formula, instead of an oil-based one. The advantages to this are creating a quick-absorbing and quick-drying formula, while also creating a water- and transfer-resistant formula.
  • The Liquid Body Illuminator blends seamlessly into the skin.

How To Apply Bare By Vogue Liquid Body Illuminator

  • Dry and clean skin before application of liquid body illuminator.
  • Apply a small amount onto a tanning mitt and begin by blending up and down in the centre of your arms and legs. 
  • Concentrate on areas where you would like the light to glow up your skin, these could be touchpoints, for example, where the light hits first.
  • Now enjoy your glowing finish.