Birdball Belle Bird Feeder for Small Birds


Birdball Belle Bird Feeder for Small Birds

It is the perfect way to feed small garden birds such as tits, sparrows, nuthatches and finches both large and small fat balls, fruit and kitchen scraps, it can even be used to hold nesting material such as wool. Its unique design prevents damage to birds feet and beaks that can be caused by mesh and wire and deters larger birds and squirrels from stealing the food.

The belle bird feeder is small, simple and stylish. Easy to clean, easy to fill and completely weather-proof so you can leave it out all year round. A perfect gift for garden lovers, nature lovers, and fans of beautiful design. We recommend you clean your Birdball Belle regularly with hot soapy water. Easy to hang with hanging wire and tree protector provided.

Designed and made by Green and Blue in Cornwall, a certified B Corporation which is a company that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

Sometimes it's easy to think that change is too hard, the problem too great, someone else must solve it because what can we do? Green and Blue have decided that if they and we too make lots of small changes, by looking at everything they do as a business, and as people, then those changes will start to add up. If lots of us make small changes then by nature they will become a big change and help the planet and future generations.

Make your home a haven for wildlife.

Available in blue, lime and mushroom colour.

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