Clinique Makeup Brush Eye Contour Brush


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Clinique Makeup Brush Eye Contour Brush

Short-haired and compact. Ideal for detail work: contouring and blending in the crease and corners, smudging shadow into the lash line for smoky effects. Shades are even hard to reach, the inner corner of the eye area. Unique antibacterial technology. This short-haired Eye Contour Brush from Clinique is an essential tool for controlled, even application of colour on the eyelids. With a specially shaped tip, the brush delivers effortless contouring and blending in awkward-to-reach creases and corners and allows you to create smoky effects as natural or dramatic as desired. Designed with the brand's unique antibacterial technology for ultimate hygiene, ensuring your brush stays fresher for longer.

How To Apply Clinique Makeup Brush Eye Contour Brush

  • Swirl brush into eye shadow and gently tap handle to remove excess.
  • Use to apply dark colours in creases and/or light colours just under the brow bone or at the inner corners of the eyes.

How To Clean Your Makeup Eyeshadow Brushes

We recommend using a makeup remover spray to remove makeup and clean eyeshadow brushes. This spray easily breakdown the makeup particles and also keeps them sanitary.

If you do not have a makeup remover spray - we also recommend using baby shampoo and a small amount of lukewarm water to break down the makeup particles in the eyeshadow brush. This does an effective job too at cleaning your brushes.

Allow your eyeshadow brush to air dry flat on some tissue, such as some kitchen roll. Once dry they can go back into your makeup bag.