Clinique Makeup Brush Eye Definer Brush


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Clinique Makeup Brush Eye Definer Brush

Brush Type: Eye definer brush.
Suitable For: Apply eyeliner or defined eyeshadow.

About Clinique Makeup Brush Eye Definer Brush

Small, blunt-angled brush designed for precision eyeliner application of cream or gel liner formulas.
Firm, angled bristles make this dual-purpose brush perfect for soft yet accurate lining, filling in or defining brows. Clinique's unique, long-lasting antibacterial technology helps ensure a high level of hygiene.
Top Tips:
  • When cleaning, sometimes stubborn dried eyeliner is difficult to break down and remove. Use some oil, such as olive oil, massage gently into the bristles, and wash off with baby shampoo - this is gentle on the bristles. This should break down the dried eyeliner and wash off easily.
  • Application: When applying eyeliner, use a small amount at a time, and try to build up the colour instead of applying dark immediately as it is difficult to remove once you have added a dark shade of eyeliner.
  • A winged liner is always a statement. If you find it difficult when to put the liner. A good tip is to look directly into a mirror (level-headed and not tilted), keep your eye open naturally looking forward into the mirror, and apply your liner bit by bit where you want it applied. When this is done, close your eyelid and fill in the blanks. This works very well on hooded eye shapes.
Please Note:
For reasons of hygiene this product cannot be returned if unwrapped, unsealed or used, unless faulty.