Clinique Superdefense Night Recovery Moisturiser


Clinique Superdefense Night Recovery Moisturiser

Designed specifically for very dry to dry or dry combination skin types, this Clinique Superdefense Night Recovery Moisturiser works overnight to hydrate, replenish and protect the skin. The overnight recovery cream helps to fight against the early signs of ageing, strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and stimulate natural collagen and elastin production.

Formulated with Ergothioneine, an antioxidant amino acid that helps protect skin from environmental aggressors; vitamins C and E, known to maintain healthy skin by fighting harmful free radicals; and rosemary leaf extract which helps strengthen the skin’s barrier, the moisturising night cream makes tight and uncomfortable skin hydrated and youthful-looking. 

Two Skin Types Available:

  • Very Dry to Dry Combination 1,2
  • Combination Oily to Oily 3,4

Size: 50ml

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