ECoffee cups William Morris Edition 14oz


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ECoffee Cups William Morris Edition 14oz

William Morris is recognised as one of Victorian Britain's most significant cultural figures. Artist, printmaker, poet and social activist, he was associated with the British arts and crafts movement and contributed to the revival of traditional textile arts and production methods. He also held a deep commitment and respect for the environment. Useful and beautiful, Ecoffee Cup embodies all William Morris held true. Functional classics for our times.

Feature of the William Morris Reusable ECoffee Cups

  • Light, bright and beautiful to drink from.
  • Independently tested in the EU.
  • Fully dishwasher-safe.
  • Suitable for microwaves in accordance with guidelines. Caution: Hot Drinks Burn.
  • Suitable for daily usage to +100°C.
  • Free from animal or animal-derived products.
  • Product Dimensions:
    • Volume: 400 ml/ 14oz.
      Height: ​130mm / 5.12 inch.
      Top diameter: 85mm / 3.35 inch.
      Bottom diameter: 56mm/ 2.2 inch.
      Weight: 160g/ 5.65oz.

Why Choose To REUSE?

Each year over 300 billion single-use coffee cups are manufactured globally. Due to their plastic content, less than 2% will ever be recycled. As takeaway drink consumption grows, so does the problem of waste.

Each time you choose to reuse, even just once a week, you will be helping in the fight against single-use waste. Imagine the massive difference we could make if everyone did the same. If 2 million people chose to reuse just once a week, we would stop 104,000,000 single-use cups going to landfills each year.

What Are The ECoffee Cups Made From?

Our current Ecoffee Cup is made from a composite of natural fibre, corn starch and a plant-based resin. It also contains a small amount of melamine as production aid. This has been independently verified by Intertek UK.  The natural fibre used in Ecoffee Cup is an upcycled byproduct previously burned by farmers. These materials are plentiful and do not require forest, food or compost-compromise farming.

Lids & Sleeves

Our lids and sleeves are made from pure, food-grade silicone, using oxygen and silica (sand) as their base material. They are suitable for high-temperature usage up to +120°C  NOT MADE WITH NATURAL LATEX RUBBER.