Estée Lauder Powder Brush 10


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Estée Lauder Powder Brush 10

The Estée Lauder Brushes brush gives you perfect makeup on your face. This fluffy brush is perfect for the application of powders such as setting powder and bronzer.


  • To apply powder products.
  • Fits in your hand perfectly.
  • Precise and easy application.

How to use:
Put a small amount of makeup on the brush and apply it to the face as needed.

How To Use the Powder Brush

This brush can be used for powder application after applying your foundation. This powder brush can be universally used for many different powders, such as your setting powder and your contouring powder.

For Setting Powder:

After applying your foundation, dab this brush into your powder, either loose or compact, tap off the excess, and gently dab all over your face. Avoid brushing from side to side on your face, as this will move your foundation and disrupt areas, instead dab the powder gently.

For Bronzing/ Contouring Powder:

Dab your brush into your palette, tap the excess off, and apply in circular motions to the desired areas on your face to sculpt and highlight. Avoid heavy amounts of product on the brush as it will be difficult to blend, and avoid aggressive brush on the face as this will contribute to the movement of the makeup underneath which is not ideal.