Holly Silver by Rebecca - Turning Point Silver Mini Earrings


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Holly Silver by Rebecca - Turning Point Silver Mini Earrings

Turning Point Mini Earrings  – a twist to symbolise the turning point in your life. A point in life where change brings a good opportunity for you to grow into who you were meant to be

“Turning Point” necklace pendant represents the Turning Point in someones life where there is a moment where life changes for the better with a lovely torque twist in the middle of the pendant.

  • These earrings are made with thick 1.5mm silver with a width of 3mm and is 35mm long
  • Each one is hand made with a beautiful hand turned torque in the middle
  • Finish is smooth
  • Earrings are on hook style earrings and will dangle
  • Necklace available to match this collection

Hand-made in Scotland by a team of skilled jewellers...

About Holly Silver by Rebecca

By Rebecca Jewellery, formerly Holly Silver Jewellery, creates beautiful bespoke jewellery with a deep meaning to the wearer that conveys more than just style but holds your own unique story within.

Having established the business from her kitchen cupboard back in 2015, Rebecca has successfully expanded her business to build a strong all female team of 6 at her Jewellery studios with a retail shop in Kinross.

Rebecca founded the company from a very personal place after a prolonged period of major difficulty and change in her own life caused her to reflect on her life’s journey when she became a single mother to her son Jack. She found comfort and encouragement through this time from creating empowering jewellery hand-stamped with meaningful words to remind her why she had to keep going. It was Rebecca’s way of managing her own healing at the same time as finding the strength and courage to build a future for herself and her son.

Now, she helps others with the healing and strengthening power of words through bespoke jewellery pieces which embody love, growth and connection. The jewellery is not only made with care and love, but connects and conveys these sentiments to the wearer with personal inspiration hand-stamped into each piece.