MooGoo Natural Tail-Swat Body Spray/Roll-On

By Moogoo

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MooGoo Natural Tail-Swat Body Spray/Roll-On

  • A light spray or roll-on that keeps the insects away.
  • Not an insect repellent, but changes your scent to something bugs don’t like.
  • Made using natural, healthy, moisturising ingredients like Soy Bean Oil.
  • Suitable for all ages including children and newborns.
  • Can be applied liberally anywhere on the body, including the face.
  • Naturally preserved with Hops Extract – free of Parabens and Phenoxyethanol.

Tails come in handy for cows during spring and summer to swat away pesky insects, and sometimes we wish we had one too. We aren’t fans of mossies, but we also aren’t big on putting pesticides on our skin either. We also don’t like strong essential oils like Citronella or Tea Tree which can cause irritation.

Moogoo developed a natural, effective formula that will help keep biting insects at bay. They trialled a number of different formulas before Moogoo found this one. When we tried it, we loved the smell and also noticed that when we wore it at barbecues or outdoors, we were not bitten so much. Have you ever noticed how some people never seem to get bitten while others are devoured?  This scent helped us to become one of the lucky ones who don't seem to be troubled by bites.

Please note that this is not a general insect repellent. Our Tail Swat Body Spray and Roll-on contain a blend of natural oils that changes your scent to something that we quite like, but the biting bugs don’t – and you don’t have to smell like a citronella candle.

The Spray can be sprayed as liberally as needed, including over the face. It is also great for small children that are sleeping in an area where they may be bitten.

The Roll-on can be applied liberally to all exposed areas, then as required. We recommend every 4 hours. Patch test for allergies before use.

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