Oakley Crosshair 4060 Mens Sunglasses

By Oakley

Oakley Crosshair 4060 Men’s Sunglasses

The frame is specially designed for men. Sporting clear lines, New School Cool meets traditional quality.  Aviator eyewear has always been one of the summer must-haves. It is a timeless eye-catcher and tops the hit list of the "classics". The metal frame  is very light and comfortable to wear. It is both robust and classy.  Functionally, you are, of course, on the safe side, too. With 100% UV eye protection, the sun can immediately start shining.

All Oakley Sunglasses  provide 100% UVA/UVB protection from the damaging rays of the sun and are made from high quality materials to ensure that they are lightweight and durable.

Oakley Sunglasses  comes with an official 2 year guarantee 


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