Ray-Ban Classic Aviator RB3025 Unisex Sunglasses

By Ray-Ban

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Ray-Ban Classic Aviator RB3025 Unisex Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses RB3025 sunglasses are Ray-Bans best selling sunglasses of all time. The classic original aviator worn by the American pilots is the L0205 colour- G-15 lenses in a gold arista frame.  

With a heritage of serious research, the original solid lens is the G-15. Created for military use, the G-15 was first and foremost a performance lens to aid American pilots while flying at high altitudes. Absorbing 85% of visible light, blocking glare, and providing remarkable colour contrast, G-15 lenses were an advanced achievement in the eye wear industry and continue to be a favourite lens color today.

To break down the name, “G” is for green in this iconic smokey-green/grey lens colour. 15 stands for the percentage of VLT (Visible Light Transmission) making this an excellent choice for sunny days or those with sensitive eyes. Ray-Ban G-15 lenses have unparalleled clarity and their unique colour has proven to withstand evolving trends. 

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