Ray-Ban RB3498 Men’s Sunglasses

By Ray-Ban

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Ray-Ban RB3498 Men’s Sunglasses 

The Ray-Ban RB3498 is one of our most popular mens' metal sunglasses. It is an ideal shape that suits  all face shapes and sizes. The metal frame gives it extra strength. 

With a heritage of serious research, the original solid lens is the G-15. Created for military use, the G-15 was first and foremost a performance lens to aid American pilots while flying at high altitudes. Absorbing 85% of visible light, blocking glare, and providing remarkable colour contrast, G-15 lenses were an advanced achievement in the eyewear industry and continue to be a favourite lens colour today.To break down the name, “G” is for green in this iconic smokey-green/grey lens colour. 15 stands for the percentage of VLT (Visible Light Transmission) making this an excellent choice for sunny days or those with sensitive eyes. Ray-Ban G-15 lenses have unparalleled clarity and their unique colour has proven to withstand evolving trends. 

Ray-Ban Polarised lenses block the horizontal waves of light that bounce off shiny surfaces, otherwise known as glare. A special coating on the lens prevents these horizontal waves from reaching your eyes, allowing you to enjoy the view without the blinding light. Ray-Ban Polarised lenses are also treated with an anti-reflective treatment to enhance visual clarity and ensure comfort. All Ray-Ban Polarised lenses feature a distinctive “P” after the Ray-Ban logo on the right lens.

All our Ray-ban sunglasses come with a 2 year warranty