Ray-Ban RB4181 Sunglasses

By Ray-Ban

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Ray-Ban RB4181 Sunglasses 

The Ray-Ban RB4181 Sunglasses are a great style that suits both male and female. The Tortoiseshell frame with the brown graduated lens is particularly suited to females. It is a very stylish  dressy looking frame for men.

Ray-Ban Brown Gradient lenses are the perfect everyday lens that can do it all. Increasing contrast where you need it most and transitioning to a clearer tone that allows you to read with ease. Brown gradient lenses are functional in all light conditions and help give you can extra boost of contrast when needed.

Ray-Ban Polarised lenses block the horizontal waves of light that bounce off shiny surfaces, otherwise known as glare. A special coating on the lens prevents these horizontal waves from reaching your eyes, allowing you to enjoy the view without the blinding light. Ray-Ban Polarised lenses are also treated with an anti-reflective treatment to enhance visual clarity and ensure comfort. All Ray-Ban Polarised lenses feature a distinctive “P” after the Ray-Ban logo on the right lens.

All our Ray-ban sunglasses come with a 2 year warranty