Riemann P20 Original Sunscreen Lotion SPF20 200ml & 100ml


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Riemann P20 Suncream SPF20 200ml & 100ml

With Riemann P20 Original Lotion you get our high-performance protection in a lightweight transparent gel. This unique formulation provides you with up to 10 hours of protection, high-level UVA, and is sweat and highly water-resistant – giving you the ultimate protection for your active life.

Riemann P20 Original Lotion features our Triple Protection Technology that provides up to 10 hours of protection, and high water resistance and exceeds the EU’s required level of UVA protection. A lightweight, transparent gel that is easy to apply, fast-drying and sweat resistant. Riemann P20 ORIGINAL is dermatologically tested, fragrance-free and vegan.

A sunscreen for those who require high-performance protection.

UVB/SPF 20 / Medium protection  –  UVA-PF – above 20
Formulated without: Fragrance.


  • Protects up to 10 hours
    High durability for long-lasting protection.
  • Highly water resistant
    Protects up to 80 minutes in the water (4×20 minutes).
  • High-level UVA protection
    A 5-star UVA rating and a UVA protection factor above 20 help prevent skin damage.
  • Broad-spectrum protection
    Protects against both UVA and UVB.
  • Sweat-resistant
    Keeps you protected even in the most extreme situations.
  • Dermatologically tested
    An extra layer of safety and certainty.
  • Fragrance-free
    Reducing the risk of developing an allergy.
  • Easy to apply
    A lightweight transparent gel formula that is fast-drying and easy to apply for optimal usage.

How to protect yourself

Always remember to apply liberally to the entire body. It is recommended to use at least 40ml of sun protection per application to deliver optimal protection. Applying too little sun protection will significantly reduce the level of protection. Always reapply after excessive sweating or towel drying. Don’t stay too long in the sun and make sure to take breaks from the sun. Remember to let the product absorb and dry before going out into the sun.

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