Rosalique Soothing Night Cream 50ml


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Rosalique Soothing Night Cream 50ml

Just like our 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula SPF50, our Rosalique skincare range was designed with sensitive and redness-prone skin in mind. Our Soothing Night Cream was formulated in collaboration with a team of scientists and contains a carefully curated set of active ingredients that will allow you to build upon the benefits of Rosalique. In this blog, we're talking you through the most important ones - and how they will transform your skin.

This calming night cream was designed with sensitive and redness-prone skin in mind. Using clinically proven redness-reducing ingredients and natural moisturisers, this cream will care for and protect your skin throughout the night. It reduces redness, brightens dark circles and improves your complexion - all whilst providing deep hydration.

Rosalique Soothing Night Cream was designed to complement the Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula SPF50, by introducing moisturising, soothing and redness-reducing properties into your evening skincare routine.

With clinically proven IBR-CalmDeAge®

IBR-CalmDeAge® is a certified upcycled date seed extract with unique anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive properties. IBR-CalmDeAge® works by stopping inflammation in its tracks, constricting blood vessels that cause the redness in the first place and bringing much-needed soothing relief to stressed skin. Over time, you’ll notice a continued visible decrease in redness and a happier, healthier state of your skin.

Full of active ingredients

With α-Bisabolol • Panthenol (Provitamin B5) • Mango Seed Butter • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) • Shea Butter •  Zinc • Urea

How To Use

Use in the evening as the final step of your daily routine.

Use after cleansing your face with our Rosalique 3 in 1 Balm Cleanser.

Using clean hands, apply generously to a clean and dry face and neck.

All Rosalique products are vegan, cruelty-free and non-comedogenic.