Shiseido Sports BB Compact SPF 50+ Wetforce Quick Dry


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Shiseido Sports BB Compact SPF 50+ Wetforce Quick Dry Medium

Size: 12g.

A convenient compact-type BB SPF50+ sunscreen, ideal for outdoor activities.


A convenient compact-type BB sunscreen, ideal for outdoor activities. A unique solid BB formula which effortlessly achieves a natural healthy looking finish that lasts even throughout your workout. It delivers a cooling, replenishing sensation upon application.

Ultra-compact, practical and easy to put in your sports bag.
The formula features the new Quick Dry technology, which helps to dry your sweat quickly* to keep you looking fresh, no matter how active you have been.


Shiseido's exclusive Quick Dry TECHNOLOGY helps to quickly evacuate sweat, so your skin does not feel sticky and makeup does not drip off.

The quick dry technology features a triple anti-sweat action:
1) Sweat secreted from the sweat glands is repelled by the cosmetic layer on the skin surface
2) Sweat is instantly spread on the outermost hydrophilic layer
3) Sweat quickly evaporates because the contact area with air is widened

Shiseido's iconic WetForce TECHNOLOGY strengthens the protective veil as it comes into contact with sweat or water.

Contains Shiseido's fresh odour-harmonising fragrance that catches the smell of perspiration and synchronises itself with it, changing the perceived scent into a pleasant one. No matter how active you are or how much you perspire under the sun, you can spend time without worrying about the smell of perspiration.