Tommee Tippee Made For Me Single Manual Breast Pump


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Tommee Tippee Made For Me Single Manual Breast Pump

Express yourself how and where you choose. This device fits comfortably in your hand.

Get Comfortable - Sit or stand, it's up to you. Hold the soft silicone cup over your breast.

Relax - The soft, silicone cup creates a comfortable seal around your breast.

Express - Gently squeeze and release the handle so your milk can flow into the bottle. You don't have to squeeze hard - just as much as is comfortable for you.

About Tommee Tippee Made For Me Single Manual Breast Pump

Your Made For Me manual breast pump has a soft, cushioned silicone cup that's gentle on your breasts.

It's compact, discreet and quiet so you can use it anywhere any time.

Its NEW ergonomic shape is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, so you can hold it easily and your hand won't get tired as you express.

Treat yourself like the true wonder you are and let us support you through your unique breastfeeding experience with the Made for Me range from Tommee Tippee.

Some mums find manual pumps hard to use as repetitive squeezing can be tiring on your hands. We figure the last thing you need when you’re breastfeeding, is another part of your body that’s tired out. So we designed this compact, manual breast pump to be a perfect size and shape for women’s hands. Not only does that mean that it’s comfortable to hold, but it also takes less power to press the handle to express, so it’s super efficient without tiring you out.

Super quiet and small enough to pop in your bag, it gives you the freedom to express your breast milk whenever you choose, so it’s ideal for use at home, at work or when you’re out and about.


• Ergonomic design - specially shaped to fit women’s hands.
• Super quiet - compact and discreet enough to use anywhere.
• Designed for comfort - super soft, cushioned silicone cup is gentle on sore breasts.
• Quick to assemble - no tubes or cords, ideal for travel.

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