Vita Liberata Tanning Anti-Age Face Serum 15ml


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Vita Liberata Tanning Anti-Age Face Serum 15ml

Consistency: Clear, lightweight drops.

Suitable For: All Skin Types - Ageing Skin.

Bottle Size: 15ml.

About Vita Liberata Tanning Anti-Age Face Serum 15ml

Self Tanning Anti Age Serum works with your skin to reduce signs of ageing and leave you with the healthiest face tan. Work our Self Tanning Anti Age Serum into your morning routine for a gradual face tan and reduced lines and wrinkles. Our serum visibly plumps skin with moisture and restores elasticity to fight signs of ageing.

Key Ingredients

  • 100% natural DHA, certificate by ECOcert.
  • Organic Glycerin: a packed ingredient with restorative qualities to help combat signs of ageing and irritation, unlocking beautifully moisturised and hydrated skin.
  • Organic Cucumber: cools, soothes and heals skin to renew moisture levels, reduce wrinkles and restore a brightened glow.
  • Marula Oil: multi-tasking plant oil abundant in fatty acids to fight dehydration and dryness, leaving soothed and hydrated skin.
  • Matrixyl 3000: fights damage brought on by ageing, reduces the depth of wrinkles and enhances skin tone and elasticity for a radiant and youthful result.
  • Natural looking tan.
  • Colourless solution with a refreshing cucumber fragrance.
  • The application allows for a customisable tan.

How To Apply Vita Liberata Tanning Anti-Age Face Serum 15ml

Combine 2-3 drops of our Self Tanning Anti Age Serum with your daily moisturiser for a sunkissed glow that gradually builds the more it is applied. For a deeper glow apply 6-7 drops of the Serum directly onto your face before applying your moisturiser.