Let's face it, heavy makeup melting down your face is not a good look for summer. Follow our tips for fresh light makeup this summer.


Start with the right moisturiser. Find a light, non greasy good quality moisturiser - oil free ones are the best for this. Some product placement here

Protect your skin 

Sun protection is vital to protecting your skin and health long term and should go on after your moisturiser. Even better, some moisturisers already have SPF built in, which makes the layering even lighter and the job quicker! Look out for at least 30 SPF. Some product placement here

Keep it light

Keep your foundation light, and even better, use a tinted moisturiser to keep the number of layers to a minimum on hotter days. Less foundation means less product sliding off your face in the heat.

Avoid shine

Cream foundations and shimmering creams can make you look less dewy, and more... shiny.


A soft subtle bronzer brings depth and a sun kissed glow. A powder bronzer is best for less sliding

Keep it sheer

Stick to sheer versions of your usual lip and eye colour for summer for a lighter look. Heated skin can cause heavy powders and eyeshadow creams to cake and clump.

Give your look some staying power.

Finish off with a good but light fixing spray to keep everything in place and as waterproof and matte as possible.

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June 15, 2022 — Louisa Maher

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