Panama Hats by Majesa - Folding Panama Unisex (Brisa Finish)


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Majesa Panama Hats - Folding Panama Unisex

These Folder Panama Hat are handmade with a Brisa weave to provide you with the elegance of a traditional Panama hat.

For Ladies:

With strong protection from the sun, these stunning folding Panama hats for ladies provide grace in simplicity to your style. It has a soft Petersham inner band for comfort.

For Men:

These Panama hats, also known as the Colonial, bring classic styles back to lifeIt provides strong protection from the sun and has a soft Petersham inner band for comfort.


  • These Panama hats are folding.
  • Balck bands around non-trimmed hats.
  • 5 different sizes.
  • We strongly advise on measuring your head before purchasing.
  • Medium-sized brim.
  • Provided with folding instructions - Travelling tube is included in price.


Brisa Weave:

Brisa weave in the Panama hats is small square-like weaves by using the weft-and-waft method. It is known as lighter than Cuenca, allowing you to fold the hat for short periods of time, such as travelling. Handwoven in Ecuador. Brisa weave – little diamonds/squares, less intricate in design (in-and-out / weft-and-waft weave), but perceived as finer than Cuenca weave by some as it is lighter. 

How To Fold Your Panama Hat:

Your Panama Hat should be rolled up for travel use only. It should not be rolled up permanently.

  1. Firstly, turn down the brim of the Panama hat all the way down.
  2. Hold the crown of the hat from left to right.
  3. At the centre ridge of the crown, fold carefully, naturally push one side of the hat into the other.
  4. Loosely, fold gently into a cone shape.
  5. To hold it loosely in place, a band or scarf is recommended to keep it in place.

Looking After Your Panama Hat:

  • Avoid getting it wet or being rained on, as it will loose its shape.
  • To preserve, avoid crushing or scrunching hat, as it may break the natural fibres.
  • Rolling of the hat is only for travel purposes, do not leave folding for long periods of time.

Cleaning And Reshaping Your Panama Hat:

  • Firstly, try to remove any dirt first with a dry cloth from the Panama hat.
  • If there are more stubborn sections, use a warm damp cloth or facial wipe to gently remove remainder.
  • Avoid all solvents, soap, or cleaning agents.
  • Avoid any unnecessary rubbing as this may cause damage to the natural fibres on the hat.
  • To reshape a hat that may have lost some shape, steam on a low setting, then gently dry with a hairdryer.
  • The brim can be reshaped by placing a damp cloth on the hat, and iron steaming on a low setting. The iron should never come in direct contact with the natural fibres of the Panama hat.