Majesa Panama Hats - Capeline Ladies

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Majesa Panama Hats - Capeline Ladies

The popular Ladies Capeline Panama hat is soft and fashionable. Ladies Capeline Panama hat has a wide brim, allowing for protection in the sun and is suitable for travelling. It has an elasticated inner band for comfort too.


Medium: 58cm / 22 7/8 inches - Hat Size (UK): 7 1/8

Brim approx 10.5cm / 4¼ in, Crown height approx 10 cm / 4 in.

Further Details:

This is a foldable style of Panama, although it is recommended not to fold in order to preserve the shape and durability of the Panama ladies hat. If you are travelling with it, it should be carried by hand or pack it in between clothes to hold the shape and pack items flat over the brim. Otherwise, creases may appear if it is folded.

Looking After Your Panama Hat:

  • Avoid getting it wet or being rained on, as the Panama hat will lose its' shape.
  • To preserve, avoid crushing or scrunching hat, as it may break natural fibres.
  • Do not fold this Panama hat.

Cleaning And Reshaping Your Panama Hat:

  • Firstly, try to remove any dirt with a dry cloth from the Panama hat.
  • If there are more stubborn sections, use a warm damp cloth or facial wipe to gently remove remainder.
  • Avoid any unnecessary rubbing as this may cause damage to the natural fibres on the Panama hat.
  • To reshape a hat that may have lost some shape, steam on a low setting, then gently dry with a hairdryer.
  • The brim can be reshaped by placing a damp cloth on the hat, and iron steaming on a low setting. The iron should never come in direct contact with the natural fibres of the Panama hat.
  • Avoid all solvents, soap, or cleaning agents.